Lush cosmetic


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Today I was testing Lush organic cosmetic, which I ordered in online shop. They sent me everything next day and fave me small present.

1. Fresh mask for face Ayesha.


I like the mask, it is good cleaning face but after this mask u must put cream on your face coz it is making your skin dry. I recommend.

2. Mask for hair Roots


They are writing that you must use this mask about 2 weeks to see the result. But I want to write about smell. Mask has very hard mint smell and for some ppl it can be hard to wait about 20 min with this mask on your hair. Bit anyway I will go on using it, coz I like Lush cosmetics smells.

3. Body powder Silky underwear


Oooooo why I didn’t use body powder before? It has jasmine smell and this smell is always with you. Skin becoming like silk and you want to touch yourself more and more. I like like like like, they have vanilla smell also I think so it will be my next order.

Do you use Lush products? What do u like?



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I’m not a beauty blogger, actually I’m not a blogger at all, but I want to tell about these alginate masks. They are great.


For the person, whines using these kind of masks first time, it can be a little bit difficult, but after time everything becoming better and better.

I’m using them 3 weeks and my skin everytime after these masks becoming more soft and blossom :)

When I will see more effects I will write more about it but now I just wanna share what I found new in cosmetics.

Body body


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I’m in love with different scrubs and pilings for body from Organic shop. This is Russian company as I understood, I’m using their products maybe a year but everytime I’m happy to buy smth new from this brand.

My fave is Papaya pilling:


I don’t believe that it is 100% organic, but smell is absolutely wooooow. If u will come Moscow one day or will find this brand somewhere else, I recommend. Just try it, price is not much high.

Also i liked body-butter “I love…lemon&limes” it is too cool. And citrus smell reminds me about summer at these grey and rainy days in Moscow now.

Here it is:


And what do u use in shower?


Long time didn’t write here. I’m in Moscow almost 3 weeks, my husband gone army for 6 month. So in alone alone in Moscow. I have been summer house, but weather became cold and we had to come back Moscow. Weather is boring and rainy and it is hard going somewhere with baby without car. So I’m planking to go to Cyprus where my husband does his duty.

I can’t say just one thing. 3 weeks passed and I’m already tired. It is awful. So I can ably drink Sangria alone as all my friends are working or busy with their things.

I promise to write here more often. See you soon

Bye bye hairs



And here it is. I cut hairs, don’t wanna say that it was hard decision coz I was cloy slowly cutting shorter and shorter and finally hot weather made me understand that I want to have short hair.

Sunday in Ramazan is silence and empty. Only some ppl walking and just some shops working.

But anyways have a good Sunday people! And prepare for next working week


Hot days


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Here hot now. Yesterday was +36 degrees and it is better not go outside daytime.

Buy I’m going Moscow next week, so I decided to visits Izmit outlet for some new clothes and this weather will not stop me. We have always mood For shopping.

And this is my turn to wear skirt and sneakers. First trying and I wanna say that this is cooofprtableeeeeee lalala

Welcome to the skirtandsneakers club :)))


Horoscope in our life.



Do you believe in horoscope? Few days ago I asked my friend who is connected astrology to say me about my future life. I mean about periods of time. She doesn’t have magical crystal ball, but she can look everything according to planets etc. I don’t  know details but anyway she said me negative and positive periods of my life in future and what should i do.

But I don’t wanna talk about it. I wanna talk about one link she shared. 

Here it is:

There are much isteresting things there I think so. They are giving information about this year and next. As for me they are right in much things, so i reccomend you to click and read some interesting information, 

And I will prepare breakfast.

Have a nice Wednesday, 

Online courses


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This weekend we decided to go husband parents’s house, here quite and calm and big roomy home. My daughter likes here very much between sea and mountains.


I entered and took some classes that can be interesting for me and maybe will help me to understand whatnot want. I love studying, if I can have chance I would be internal student and learn new information everyday. My English of course is not enough for courses so I’m using vocabulary, maybe this will help me to improve my English as well. Do you know about Or so you know any others interesting sites with free education courses?


This is how pomegranate blossoms. I didn’t know before and didn’t see. Now I know:)

Life and work



How you understood what u wanna doing in your life? I mean work. How u understood that your job is exactly what u wanna do all your life? 5 years in bank tougher me just one thing: I don’t want to work in bank anymore never ever. But what I wanna do? What makes me happy?

Almost 3 years of housework and looking baby made my life more mixed. Now I donno what I wanna do. I want to do something, I’m bored at home. I’m not that type of woman who can spend all her like cleaning and cooking and meeting with friends. I need to work. But I can’t create what I wanna do what I want to learn how I want to spend my life…?

Where to start?


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