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Me – and after wolf ate little red riding hood
My doughier – mmmm tasty?

I wanted to make new blog, but after I decided to continue this. I want to write about my life I mean my thoughts, what I wanna say. I don’t want to follow just one topic. Anyway I want to continue my blog but still don’t know how. We will see the result. I will write what I want and the way I want. I have much things to say but I don’t have enough time. But I will keep trying. And my english must be too better but without normal communication i start to forget it. Slowly slowly:)))



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What I want to talk about are babies or children between 1-3 years old. I have one you know. And I have friendswithbabies. When I started to unbundle my friends? Well I didn’t want to, but seems like they are doing this. Ofc, life “before” and “after” are different, but I always trying not to loose my own life, my life with husband etc.

Anyway now I can really say that my friendswithbabies are like most of them. When “being mom” became similar “I’m always at home and I can look like I want to”. Why there are less and less topics what we can talk about? No I loooooove my girl and ofc I talk from time to time about her and telling funny stories but I CANT TALK ABOUT BABY 24/7. So I prefer to talk with my single friends or with ppl who thinks like me or ppl without babies. Anyway, is it happening to everyone? So much groups we have in Facebook to talk about babies, sharing photos, talking in messenger, talking in cafe, at home…))))

Being mom, is not only being mom. I don’t know how to explain more clearly. For me as mom is better to spend my time with same like me with babies coz they are playing, e are talking… But omg why we again talking about them, food, cleaning bla bla bla… When we started our degradation? You are high educated woman, I wanna know what u know stop talking about how your baby peeing pls!! :))))

Anyway, maybe I will become like this too someday but I hope it will not happened.



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5 days ago I though I can’t paint. Really for all my life I was thinking like this. At school o had the worst marks on painting lessons and from that time I have never tried to paint.

But now my baby reaches the age when she can paint and I was trying to paint smth for her. As you understand I was not successful.

And then I decided to watch some lessons in YouTube. And you know what? I liked it. Really.

So I started to paint smth …. And I’m trying and trying. This picture is not finished but I want to share it… 5 days of watching videos and here is a little result


That’s life!


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My life has changed very much in last 4 years… from hard working bank worker and party girl I became mom and wife and housewife. I moved to another county with absolutely different mentality I learned another language, another tradition. It was not easy to get used to all of this.

I lost mom. It was the hardest time in my life and much things changed that time too. It feels like you are not a child anymore. You feel like you suddenly grow up and you are now in charge of much things and you don’t know whom to ask an advise. Loosing mom is like loosing a half of yourself. Some part of you inside dies.

Ofc all these days will never come back. Now I’m absolutely different than I was 1 or 2 years ago. I’m different then yesterday. Every day changes me. But what I wanted to say is: don’t be afraid to change.

Every negative and positive situations changes us. Negative even more. They are making us more strong more clever more flexible. That’s why don’t think about negative as smth bad, think as experience. Coz nobody will teach you better then life.

Why am I writing you these things? I donno. Maybe coz I was thinking about my life and I have never thought that someday I will be on cyprus with a best friend who has got war in her county. My life is not full complete but I m trying …


Life and love


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I like to live in foreign part of cyprus. Here very much students from different counties, english people who bought houses and waking with dogs morning time saying “good morning” every time when we are meeting.

Today I saw an old english man who was walking with dog without one leg. Dog was good looking and beautiful and such a thing was not making him wastrel. Man was too looking good. He was about 65 years old. And love between man and dog was very visible. How he was caring this dog, how he was looking at him.

These things making me happy really. This is love.

Wish list


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Two things I’m going to buy when I come back Turkey.

1. Ben nye foundation


You can find this here in Turkey: http://www.bennye.com.tr/fondotenler-pmk280

My friend has got one, I tired and it is amazing, amazing coz it is absolutely hiding all your skin problems. I wish I could order it now, but I can’t.

2. You will laught but this is Cristal aluminyum free deodorant.


Yes yes you can find it in every Gratis in Turkey, but I didn’t know about this firm. Now I read recommends and decided that I need it asap:))))

So this 2 things now became for me musthave:)))

Eye liner XP


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This post will be interesting maybe just for turkish people, or for girls who live in Turkey.

I wanna tell about one eye liner. The price of this eye liner : 5TL. Yes yes, I understand that you girls likes MAC and Bobby Brown, I’m in love with MAC too, but this eyeliner is good.

What is good in this eyeliner is that you erase it very easy. This is good for girls like me, who hasn’t got a big experience in drawing eyelines on eyes. So, you can try try erase and try again till the time when your eyelines will be perfect.

Ofcourse it takes a little time to dry this eyelines on your eyes, but it is Okey:))) No allergy, no red eyes. I’m using and happy about it.




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Hello there!

I’m lost coz nothing serious is happening in my life. I visited xmas market on Sunday. It was fantastic, Santanand lots of entertainment for children. My girl is happy:)) we decorate our rooms too! And we didn’t finish decorating yet!

Coconut oil has a fantastic effect on my hairs ;)) recommend recommend recommend!

Soon will write u about one more oil I’m using for face) soon soon! Is someone using oil instead of cream for Face?

I also started to read and Forex! My years in bank Must be not past for empty. Searching for a free teacher. How one?

How are you?


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