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My advice to all freelance worker is: always answer your clients even if they will reject your service. This has happened to me. 3 weeks ago I applied on one job offer and they answered that I was late and the job is already taken. I answered kindly smth like “If you will need my service in future, feel free to contact me”. So they did.

Now I’ve got my first job. Yes, maybe they are not paying much, but I also don’t have much experience in freelance. So I am happy. That will help me to be more experienced and understand good what I need more.

Also, I noticed that I did my homework and my translation job. If you are busy all day it is not hard to organise all the fields and keep you home clean and work done. That was an advice for housewives :)))

I keep on applying to all translation resources and hope that I will get some interesting offers in future.

So congrats to me with my first job and we will see what can happen in future.